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Acoustic Report Cost

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Acoustic Report Cost

An acoustic report prepared by JTA’s acoustic consultants can determine whether noise in and around your facility achieves the required levels in order to comply with relevant regulations and standards.

A qualified acoustic consultant will perform acoustic testing of the workplace and facility, obtaining measurement data to then perform analysis and determine if noise levels are too high, and if so, provided detailed recommendations to reduce the noise to compliant levels.

How Much Does an Acoustic Report Cost?

An acoustic report can vary in cost depending on what is required. Our acoustic consultants can provide different assessments such as:

Regardless of the acoustic report cost, it is always important to ensure that the noise is reduced to compliant levels to ensure the health of workers and the community are not impacted. View our Noise Regulations Flowchart to learn more.

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Contact us on 1300 856 282 to arrange a consultant to assess your workplace, or alternatively email us at for any questions about acoustic testing.

Our experienced acoustic noise consultants will be able to help ensure that your workplace has noise that are within industry standard levels, offer advice to manage, reduce and eliminate noise.

We also offer audiometric testing to further ensure the health of workers. 


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