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Hazmat Report and Survey

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Hazmat Report and Survey

If hazardous materials are a part of your workplace, it’s important that you’re fully aware of the risks they pose, and how to mitigate those risks. A hazmat report can help you do this.

JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists have been providing independent tailor-made advice about these kinds of risks for over 35 years. The types of risks in a workplace change over time, as does the local and national legislation.

Our experts have the most up-to-date knowledge to help you navigate the complex task of managing hazardous materials in your workplace. Keep reading to find out about your responsibilities and how we can help.

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Hazardous materials might form part of your business, or they might be part of a construction or demolition near your business. Hazardous materials, including asbestos, are your responsibility to identify and control. If managed poorly, hazardous materials can have significant health impacts for your employees.

Our highly experienced Occupational Hygienists are available to identify the hazardous materials in your workplace. Conducting a hazmat audit, our professionals will:

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Ensure that you’re meeting your current legislative requirements around hazardous materials. Our experts can help to identify and manage hazardous materials, and certify that you are fully compliant. To book an audit, contact us on 1300 856 282.



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