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Identifying Asbestos

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Identifying Asbestos

As there are thousands of asbestos containing materials throughout Australia, identifying asbestos is not only a legal requirement but also critical before commencing any construction work. Avoid disturbing harmful asbestos fibres by getting an asbestos audit by JTA. Our experienced team are experts at asbestos identification, and can work with you to meet all your local legislative requirements.

Benefits of an Asbestos Audit

By identifying, assessing and managing asbestos, our extensive asbestos audits provide a range of benefits to you and the local community, including:

Learn more about the importance of asbestos audits by reading our blog or talk to an expert by calling 1300 856 282.

Asbestos Clearance

Following any asbestos removal work, an asbestos clearance inspection is required (under WHS legislation). This inspection must be carried out by an independent party to determine if the area is safe to return to. Our experienced team can carry out a visual inspection, for non-friable asbestos removal, and air monitoring, for friable asbestos containing material removal.

Find out more about asbestos management by downloading our fact sheet.

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