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National Standard for Occupational Noise

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National Standard for Occupational Noise

Australia doesn’t currently have a national standards for occupational noise, with each state’s specific OHS regulations dictating the requirements of employers for complying with occupational noise risks and hazards.

What is consistent across all states is the determination of what noise levels are considered hazardous within workplaces. JTA’s Noise Specialists can help your business maintain compliance with these regulations and keep your staff safe.

What is Occupational Noise?

Occupational noise is a potential safety risk when noise in the workplace becomes excessive.

Your responsibilities as an employer are outlined by the OHS regulations of the state the work is being conducted in. The OHS regulations all have the same noise exposure limit of when noise is considered hazardous, which is as follows:

What they also have in common is that a hierarchy of noise controls is to be followed when protecting employees. Where the OHS regulations of each state differ is the prioritisation of certain noise control techniques in the hierarchy.

All OHS regulations state that when noise in a workplace is at hazardous levels, it is required to be assessed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1269:2005. As an employer, you must identify, assess and manage the noise risks to your workers and the community. This includes monitoring noise levels, ensuring staff wear hearing protection appropriately, and ensuring that noise doesn’t have a negative impact on the health of your staff.

Learn more about noise exposure limits in our daily noise exposure limits diagram.

Our expert Acoustic Consultants and Occupational Hygienists at JTA are qualified to help. Our experienced professionals can help you stay within occupational noise exposure limits and avoid noise induced hearing loss.

How We Can Help

We offer multiple services that help businesses adhere to their legal requirements around occupational noise. These include:

Call us today on 1300 856 282 to arrange for an assessment or training services to ensure you’re meeting the national standards for occupational noise and keeping your staff safe.

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