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Noise in the Workplace

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Noise in the Workplace

Hearing loss is a significant issue in many Australian workplaces with around 4,700 workers lodging compensation claims each year. Conducting a workplace noise assessment by a qualified JTA occupational noise specialist can save your business time and money. We have the expertise and experience, having undertaken noise testing in the workplace for many years, to provide you with an independent & comprehensive assessment.

Noise Exposure Responsibilities

In accordance with Australian noise legislation, a person conducting or undertaking a business is responsible for the management and control of excessive noise exposure of employees. We have expert acoustic consultants who are highly qualified for workplace noise monitoring, ready to assess your workplace.

It should also be noted that in Victoria a suitable & qualified person with health and safety experience should be carrying out any workplace noise assessment. For a cost effective and accurate method of understanding environmental noise issues for large & complex sites, get our experts to undertake workplace noise mapping.

Find out if your workplace needs an occupational noise assessment by viewing our flowchart.

View our Occupational Noise Flowchart

Industrial Building Acoustics

An important consideration during the design, operation and construction of buildings is the controlling of noise in the workplace. Building acoustics are of particular important in venues such as restaurants, lecture theatres and concert halls as the quality of sounds is important.

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