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Building Acoustics is the science of controlling noise in commercial and residential buildings. It’s an important consideration in the design, operation and construction of buildings because of its impact on health, communication and productivity. For example, in offices where confidentiality is a high priority, rooms must have suitable sound insulation to avoid private conversations being overheard. Building Acoustics also need to be considered in venues such as restaurants, lecture theatres and concert halls where the quality of sound is important.

How JTA Can Help

We recommend you commission our Building Acoustics service in the planning and development stages of a project where correct advice can avoid or minimise the requirement for rectification works later in the project life cycle. Measurement, inspection and assessment of partial build or pre occupation projects allows compliance to be determined against relevant criteria with minimal disruption. It also allows required rectification works to be completed easily before the final project sign off. JTA has experienced and highly qualified Acoustic Consultants equipped with the appropriate calibrated technologies to correctly predict, diagnose and solve your noise problems.

Our Building Acoustics Service Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to Building Acoustics

In order to control noise levels both internally and externally, Building Acoustics are regulated by building codes, Australian Standards and project specific criteria based on end user requirements.
The required acoustics depend on what the spaces within the building are going to be used for as well as what is adjacent to those spaces. For example, a bedroom within an apartment building requires a different wall construction if it’s next to a services area compared to another apartment’s bedroom. The State or Territory you build in and the purpose for which you build will determine what you are required to do.


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