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Part 6 Asbestos Audit

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Part 6 Asbestos Audit

Asbestos was once thought to be a wonder material – cheap and easily resourced. We now know its dangers to health and safety, and while it’s no longer used in construction, we still need to be careful when demolishing or modifying buildings that were built using asbestos.

JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists’ asbestos experts can conduct a Division (part) 6 audit – previously known as a Part 6 audit - to ensure you are meeting regulations and responsibilities around asbestos.

Division (Part) 6 Asbestos Audit & Hazardous Materials

Division 6 asbestos legislation requires a comprehensive (part 6) inspection to identify and record the presence of any concealed or hidden asbestos within all workplaces. It also requires information about the presence and management of asbestos to be recorded on the national (part 6) register. Our asbestos experts will create a report for you, as part of the asbestos audit. This will include:

Our team can also check for other hazardous materials during the audit such as lead in paints, PCB’s in fluorescent light fittings and synthetic mineral fibre.

Ongoing Asbestos Solutions

We can help you at every step of the management of asbestos-containing materials. Our other asbestos services include:

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