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Workplace and Corporate Health Checks

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Workplace and Corporate Health Checks

Workplace health checks are an essential part of a sensible occupational health and safety plan. At JTA Health Safety & Noise, we’ve been helping to create robust and forward-thinking WHS/OHS plans for more than 35 years. We’re proud to work with employers to meet their WHS/OHS needs and help create a safe and positive working environment for their teams. Keep reading to learn how health checks can boost productivity and wellbeing in your business.

Why Offer Health Checks?

Prevention is far better than a cure. Employee health checks are good practice to avoid injury related to poor health and to avoid unwanted downtime due to sickness. On-site health checks are also a fantastic work perk—they help keep your staff well at work (increasing productivity), and foster a positive attitude to everyone’s wellbeing. Everybody wins!

From corporate health checks in office settings to on-site health checks at your premises, our services are all conducted on-site by our experienced, accredited and qualified nurses.

Our Health Services

Our health services include:

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