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Did you know that a flu-infected employee may be absent for up to 6 working days? Or that the flu can impair an employee’s performance by 20-40%? Flu is a highly infectious air-borne virus particularly in an office environment. Because it’s a viral infection, flu cannot be treated with antibiotics and the only available preventative measure is the seasonal flu vaccination. Can your business afford the flu? If the answer is no then we suggest you get your company vaccinated.

How JTA Can Help

Our experienced and qualified nurses will visit your premises at a time that best suits both your business and staff needs. They will administer flu vaccinations according to our stringent protocols governing clinical quality and excellence. Holding an on-site flu vaccination clinic means your staff don’t need to take time off to visit their own doctor and their health, and the health of your business, is protected.

Workplace Vaccination Details:

The Benefits

Facts About Flu Vaccinations:


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