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JTA has been one of Australia’s leading independent workplace consultancies for over 30 years. We provide on-site vaccinations for your staff so that you can maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Workplace Vaccinations

There are many serious and life-threatening diseases which can be prevented through vaccination; many of which are highly contagious and are readily spread. Workers who are infected with vaccine-preventable diseases may in turn transmit infection to other people at the workplace, their families and the wider community. 

Some types of work have a higher risk to vaccine-preventable diseases. Infections such as Hepatitis can have a detrimental effect on an entire workplace in terms of the number of employees on sick leave and overall productivity - costing your organisation.

JTA On-Site Workplace Vaccination Program

JTA brings our Workplace Vaccination Program directly to your workplace; providing you with the benefits of an immunised workplace without the headache of sending employees offsite to a medical practitioner. We provide an end-to-end service and will work closely with you to ensure the seamless implementation of your vaccination program.

Our trained and qualified professionals will provide on-site vaccinations for your team with minimal disruptions to the working day.

Vaccinations We Offer: 

Your Duty in Relation to Workplace Vaccinations

If workers have a significant occupational risk of acquiring a vaccine-preventable disease, the employer should implement a comprehensive occupational vaccination program that includes:

Employers should take all reasonable steps to encourage non-immune workers to receive the recommended vaccines.



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