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Whilst there’s frequently news about environmental air pollution and its effect on global warming in the media, less press is given to indoor air quality. This is surprising, considering that Australians spend more than 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality in the workplace has serious implications for the comfort, health and productivity of your workforce.

By ensuring the air quality of your workplace, you avoid common health problems that result from exposure to poor indoor air quality. You also avoid sick building syndrome which is a growing concern in office environments.

How JTA Can Help

Our Indoor Air Quality Testing will ensure your employees are working in a healthy building and thus reduce the frequency of airborne illnesses. JTA has fully qualified and experienced Indoor Environmental Professionals who’ll identify the source, level and effects of pollutants and provide advice on the long term management of your indoor air quality.

An Indoor Air Quality Test Includes Measurements Of:

The Benefits

Your Duty in Relation to Indoor Air Quality

As an employer, you have a duty of care to maintain indoor air quality to prevent any health or comfort issues. A large array of chemical, biological and physical factors can affect the quality of your indoor office environment. You are required to identify any hazards, assess the risks and then mitigate them. The legislation governing this responsibility can vary significantly between Australian States and Territories.


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