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Asbestos Report and Survey

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Asbestos Report and Survey

Up until the 1990s, asbestos was commonly used in construction. So if you’re occupying a site that was built before this date, it’s highly likely that asbestos is present*. We now know that asbestos can pose a serious health risk, and so it’s important to identify its presence, assess the condition of the materials, and responsibly oversee its removal.

JTA specialists have been providing independent, tailor-made advice for over 35 years, and developing asbestos reports and surveys as an important part of each assessment.

Our Asbestos Services

Our licenced and experienced specialists can provide a range of asbestos services to help keep your staff safe and help you meet all your legal obligations.

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Our specialist advice includes clear recommendations for the control, removal, encapsulation and maintenance of asbestos within your workplace. For your asbestos review needs, make a quick enquiry or call us on 1300 856 282.


*Australian Government, The Department of Health (2013);


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