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Demolition Report & Inspection

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Demolition Report & Inspection

As one of Australia’s leading independent workplace consultancies, JTA’s team of specialists can conduct a demolition report of your worksite and provide pragmatic recommendations for legislative compliance.

Holding accreditations of Quality, Safety and Environment, we have an integrated management system that ensures we deliver the best consultancy services. Additionally, by staying atop of the latest OHSE&Q legislative requirements, we can ensure your compliance with the relevant laws and ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding environment.

To find out what services are relevant to a demolition inspection, read more below.

What Should Be Considered for a Demolition Survey

Before any demolition work commences it is important to consider the materials used to construct the building. Prior to 2003, many Australian buildings used asbestos which when disturbed can pose a serious health risk to people in and near the site. Assessing the building itself, an asbestos audit & demolition register can help you identify and manage the risks as well as certify that you are meeting all legislative requirements.

  1. Environmental Noise

It’s important to consider the impact of demolition on the surrounding environment, particularly with regards to noise. By conducting an environmental noise assessment, our consultants can help with planning, licence and permit conditions to ensure compliance with the EPA, local council and other legislation. Learn more about state regulations, policies & guidelines on environmental noise.

  1. Vibration

Often considered a hazard, and therefore covered by OHS / WHS legislation, vibration during demolition can require a permit or approval. By conducting a vibration assessment, we can help manage the causes of excessive vibrations and find the most effective solutions for you.

Contact Us for Expert Advice

Talk to our expert consultants about what should be considered, prior to a demolition audit, and how you can ensure the safety of workers and the local environment.



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