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Excessive vibration, and the associated noise, can put residents and workers wellbeing and health at risk. Environmental noise and vibration can be caused by a variety of sources including industrial, construction and transport. Measurement of this type of vibration can be difficult and complex but is often required before you can obtain a permit or approval for construction.

A Vibration Assessment may also be needed if workers report uncomfortable vibrations, or symptoms like tingling and numbness, as it is likely their exposure to vibration is reaching levels which could affect their health.

How JTA Can Help

Our solutions are tailored to suit your business, taking into account cost-benefit ratios and minimum downtime. JTA’s experience includes comprehensive Vibration Assessments of buildings, machinery and plants. We believe it’s essential to identify and understand the root-causes of excessive noise and vibrations to be able to find the most effective solutions for you. Our expert Acoustic Consultants are highly qualified and experienced and will help you ensure you meet all legislative requirements.

Your Duty in Relation to Vibration Assessments

Vibration, and the equipment that causes it, can be considered a hazard and therefore covered by OHS / WHS legislation. There are also general Regulations, Compliance Codes and Codes of Practice in place which must be adhered to in various States and Territories. In order to obtain a permit or approval you may require a Vibration Assessment (can also be known as a Noise and Vibration Study, a Noise Impact Statement or an Acoustic Assessment Report) and an Environmental Noise Assessment. At JTA, we work with planners, developers, builders, property managers and owners to help them determine exactly what their regulatory requirements are.

Where We Conduct Vibration Assessments

If you’re about to plan and develop a new industrial plant, commercial facility, office building or a high rise residential apartment block, it makes financial sense to assess the potential sources of vibration and noise and address them early on.

Types Of Vibration


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