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NATA Asbestos Air Testing

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NATA Asbestos Air Testing

NATA oversee the accreditation of Laboratories across Australia to ensure the consistency and reliability of testing facilities. JTA Health Safety and Noise Specialists have their own NATA accredited lab, so our expert knowledge is backed up by the confidence of NATA accreditation. Using our NATA asbestos accredited laboratory, we can assist you manage the asbestos control measures asbestos at your workplace, or site. Keep reading to learn more

NATA and Asbestos Testing

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is a nationally recognised organisation that provides accreditation in recognition of a laboratory’s competence and their compliance with national and international testing standards. Our onsite testing lab has NATA accreditation so you can be sure that all our tests are undertaken in accordance with regulations set out by Safe Work Australia and the relevant state legislative bodies. Being accredited by NATA means that all our procedures and staff have been thoroughly reviewed and then approved so they are up to date and in line with best industry practice.

Having a fully operational, in-house NATA accredited lab means that JTA provide, fast and scientifically accurate results which will get your workplace back to business as quickly as possible

Our Asbestos Testing Services

The asbestos testing services we provide include:

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