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Established in 1988, JTA have become one of Australia’s leading independent consultancies for asbestos air assessments. Adhering to your needs around asbestos air testing with customised advice and specialist consultations, we have innovative & scientific solutions based on legislative compliance. Accredited across Quality, Safety & Environment with an Integrated Management System, you can rely on our expertise for asbestos air monitoring.

Exposure to Airborne Asbestos

To comply with specific control measures and legislation, during the removal, enclosure and encapsulation of asbestos, procedures must be undertaken to eliminate the potential for exposure of personnel to airborne asbestos. If you are still questioning whether you require asbestos air sampling for removal work, note that it is an Australian requirement during A class (friable asbestos) removal. However, there are additional state-specific laws that we can help you navigate to ensure you remain compliant.

Control Asbestos Risks

Enjoy peace-of-mind, as an independent & licensed asbestos assessor undertakes air monitoring of the asbestos removal area at a workplace. It is also important to continue monitoring after the completion of the removal work to ensure the air is clear of fibres and the area is safe to re-enter.

JTA have qualified and experienced asbestos assessors across residential, commercial and industrial sites. There are various factors that need to be considered for determining an asbestos air monitoring cost. Contact us to get a personalised quote.

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