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Starting in 1988, with a focus on risk assessment and the development of practical workplace safety solutions, JTA continue to deliver occupational hygiene services to various industries. We ensure workers aren’t exposed to health and safety hazards in the workplace by predicting, preventing and managing dangers such as chemicals, dusts, fumes, noise, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Occupational Hygienist Inspection

Our team of occupational hygiene specialists are ready to identify and manage potential health and safety hazards in your workplace. Preventing employee sickness and injury can not only make sure you are compliant with safety legislation, but can also increase work productivity. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in the measurement and management of occupational hygiene.

During the occupational hygiene assessment our specialist will determine the nature of hazards present, if these could result in health or safety issues (continuous or intermittent), the number of staff affected, and more. Further qualitative assessments may be required for an effective management plan to be developed.

Workplace Responsibilities

Legislation around employers needing to protect employee health and wellbeing is clear, so reducing or eliminating health and safety hazards within the workplace has never been more important. Protect yourself from legal penalties or prosecution by getting JTA to conduct an occupational hygiene assessment of your workplace. We have specialists that are trained across almost every field, including occupational hygienist mould services.

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