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An Occupational Hygienist specialises in ensuring workers aren’t exposed to health hazards in the workplace. They predict, prevent and manage potential workplace dangers such as those posed by chemicals, dusts, fumes, noise, vibration and extreme temperatures. Their goal is to advise you on how to avoid or resolve these types of issues to maintain a safe and compliant working environment.

How JTA Can Help

An assessment by an Occupational Hygienist can identify and manage potential health hazards in your workplace, preventing employee sickness and injury. At JTA, we have expert Occupational Hygienists who are highly qualified and experienced in the measurement and management of workplace hazards and can make sure you are compliant with all safety legislation in your state.

An Occupational Hygiene Assessment:

As a first step, our Occupational Hygiene Assessment involves a Qualitative Assessment (Walk Through Survey) which determines:

Further testing and monitoring may be necessary depending on the outcome of the Qualitative Assessment and a management plan may be recommended.

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Occupational Hygiene

The law is very clear about the need for employers to protect the health and wellbeing of employees by eliminating or reducing health hazards within the workplace. By not meeting your WHS or OHS obligations you’re putting people’s health and lives at risk, are breaking the law and may face penalties or prosecution. What your obligations are will vary by State/Territory and by industry.

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