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As recently as the 1980s chemicals used by industry were simply tipped down drains and poured onto soil to evaporate. Buildings that contained asbestos weren’t always demolished and disposed of properly and asbestos-contaminated soil was used as a top soil or fill material.

There was a lack of awareness about the long term impacts all these activities could have and laws were not in place to prevent them from happening. The result is that Australia has an estimated 160,000 contaminated sites.

Soil testing and laboratory analysis is required to identify if there are any contaminants on your property that may be a risk to you or the environment. 

How JTA Can Help

JTA can investigate land for potential contamination from domestic, agricultural and industrial land use. We are able to undertake soil contamination testing and provide advice in relation to land contamination queries.  Our field investigations are conducted in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements within the EPA Victoria State Environmental Protection Policies (SEPP); and the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 2013 (NEPM).

A Soil Assessment Includes:

The Benefits

Your Duty In Relation To Soil Assessments

Since land contamination is part of the overarching Environmental Protection legislation and associated regulations and policies, it is a heavily regulated industry and strictly enforced.  By ensuring you properly classify soil when you are unsure of its contamination status, you are adhering to your legal responsibility and contributing to a better environment.


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