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Without proper management, dangerous goods can pose a serious risk to the health and safety of workers and the surrounding environment. To ensure you meet your legal responsibilities, identifying and managing any risks associated with dangerous goods needs to be addressed by providing employees with information, training and supervision. JTA have qualified and experienced Occupational Hygienists ready to help you navigate dangerous goods legislation with an audit.

Assessing Dangerous Goods

It is important to understand that hazardous substances and dangerous goods have separate legislation and requirements around the handling of each. With a JTA audit, we will assess current dangerous goods handling procedures then identify and recommend areas for improvement. Other aspects of the audit, which includes meeting dangerous goods regulations, include:

  • Identifying all other chemicals stored and used in the workplace, and if they reach carcinogen and threshold quantities
  • Reviewing safety information, it’s accessibility to employees, and their understanding
  • Reviewing the labelling of chemical containers and storage units
  • Checking or establishing a dangerous goods register
  • Identifying and managing atmospheric or health monitoring measures
  • Ensuring adequate training is provided to employees
  • Development of a comprehensive report with practical recommendations

Defining Dangerous Goods

For effective dangerous goods management, they need to be correctly defined by their physical and chemical properties. Examples of dangerous goods include; explosives, flammables, gases, combustible or oxidising substances, organic peroxides, toxic or infectious substances, and radioactive material.

Discover Your Local Regulations

To learn more about how to better manage dangerous goods download a fact sheet, or call us on 1300 856 282 for a quote on your next health and safety audit.


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