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Demo Report and Register

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Demo Report and Register

Before commencing refurbishment or demolition of a building you are required by the law in each state to review and revise your register before commencing any works.  This would generally involve a site visit and a more invasive demolition (demo) audit assessing ceiling spaces, wall cavities and under flooring surfaces to ensure building contractors take all the necessary precautions before commencing to keep everyone safe.

JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists have over 35 years’ experience providing independent advice. Learn more about the kinds of demolition (demo) reports, audits and inspections that we offer.

Conducting An Audit Of Your Worksite

Before beginning any works, a demo inspection by a professional will help to identify and create a plan to deal with potential hazards in your site. Our health and safety experts are highly trained and understand state and federal legislation - as well as industry-specific hazards. Our specialists can visit your site to conduct an invasive demolition survey and create a demolition report that outlines the issues and practical solutions for a range of issues if required including:

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