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Employee Health and Wellbeing at the Melbourne Racing Club

JTA has been providing the Melbourne Racing Club with employee audiometric testing for the last 20 years. The MRC decided to seek additional help from JTA when reviewing their legal employee health obligations.

Audiometric Testing Australia-wide at Alliance Airlines

Alliance Airlines are required to supply their staff members with audiometric testing in order to comply with the respective legislation in each Australian state. Although each state has different policies regarding this service, Alliance Airlines wanted to get the testing, data collection and storage, reporting and invoicing all done by the same company. The main challenge for JTA was to work out a cost effective solution to service Alliance Airlines’ smaller regional bases.

Safety Management and Compliance at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School

The Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School needed to become compliant with state and Education Department legislative safety management requirements. Without a qualified health and safety staff member on site, urgent safety issues needed to be swiftly identified and addressed.

Traffic Management Plans for Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia sought help from JTA when they identified that their forklifts and fire truck operations could potentially be a safety hazard for employees, contractors and visitors. Traffic management plans for all national Airservices Australia sites were necessary.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment at the Shelford Girls’ Grammar School Early Learning Centre

JTA Health, Safety, & Noise Specialists were engaged to identify an effective safety strategy for the Shelford Girls Grammar School Early Learning Centre. This included a check on indoor air quality, including the potential for hidden mould growth.

Noise Exposure at the Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology

The faculty had identified the need for a noise assessment prior to commencement of scheduled audiometric testing for their staff. They needed to know whether testing would be necessary for employees and researchers in the workshop and engine development centre. The faculty was operating on a tight timeline of 4 days within which they expected the assessment to be done and the report produced and delivered.

Acoustic Design at the Bundoora Fire Station for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade

The MFB were planning an upgrade to the Bundoora Station, including the construction of a new office and sleeping areas. They were concerned that noise levels within their new buildings would be too high due to the major road adjacent to the site.

Noise Awareness Training at R.S Conell & Sons Pty Ltd.

R.S Conell & Sons have a staff base of 20+ people of various ages. While the company provides all appropriate hearing protection and WHS requirements to staff, there were still challenges with employee adherence to these practices.